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Ktistopoulou Maria was born in Athens. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under professors Triantafyllos Patraskidis, Martinos Gavathas and Marina Lampbraki-Plaka.

She was awarded three scholarships from the State Scholarships, She graduated with honors in 1990. Shee also studied Graphic Arts at the Athens Technological Institute (ATI).

Her works are included in the following collections: National Gallery, Athens – Kouvoutsaki Gallery, Kifissia – Museum Vorres Paiania – Florina Museum of Modern Art – Museum-Library Stratis Eleftheriadis (Teriade), Varia Mytilene – Municipal Gallery of Ermoupolis, Syros – Komotini Gallery – Gallery of Modern Art Aitoloakarnania Chris & Sophia Moschandreou, Messolonghi – Vlassis Frissiras Collection and other private collections in Greece and abroad.

She organized sixteen (16) individual exhibitions. She participated in more than one hundrend and sixty (160) exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She also represented Greece in International Bienniale. At 2007 she released a book – “MONOGRAPH” upon her work, published by ADAM.

Along with painting, she worked as a creative art director at an international advertising network, Lowe Alector (1988-1999).

She received the first prize for posting the ad campaign for SOYA, at the fourth Greek advertising festival in Athens.

She taught drawing and painting at AKTO Art & Design School of Graphics during 1988-1994.

She was involved in preparing candidates for the School of Fine Arts Athens and Thessaloniki, at preparation studio of Adrianos Sotiris (2000-2006).

Participated in the ART EN CAPITAL salon des independants at GRAND PALAIS in Paris.

Held her first retrospective exhibition at the Cyclades Gallery in Syros Cyclades in July 2011.




1995 Dwellings of Vision. Maria Papadopoulou Art Gallery, Athens.

1997 Crypts. Trigono Art Gallery, Kifissia.

1999 Paraphernalia. Creonides Art Gallery, Athens.

2000 Ancillary and Exceptionable. Metamorphosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

2001 Adam Gallery, Athens.

2002 National Research Centre, Athens / Curator: Athena Schina (Part of the Colloquium Myth against Hunger, dedicated to the World Food Day).

2003 Metamorfosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

2004 Ship Portraits. Adam Gallery, Athens.

2007 Views and Seasons of Nature. Gallery Skoufa, Athens.

2009 Metamorfosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

2010 Gallery F, Karditsa.

2010 Gallery Etienne de causans. Paris

2011 Hermoupolia, Cyclades Gallery, Syros (retrospective)

2013 Gallery THEORIMA, Βrusells

2013 Gallery SKOUFA, Athens

2013 Metamorfosis Art Gallery,Thessaloniki.




1990 Mediterranean Biennale. Algiers.

1990 The Athens School of Fine Arts: 1989-90 Graduates. National Gallery in Athens.

1990 Five Women Painters. Psychoulis Gallery, Volos.

1991 Twofold Dedication to Modern Greek Painting. Keratsini Municipality.

1991 10th International Biennale of Drawing. Cleveland.

1991 The Athens School of Fine Arts: 1989-90 Graduates. Teriade Museum and Library, Varia, Lesbos.

1991 First Salon of Young ASFA Artists. Aenaon International Art Centre, Athens.

1993 Colours from Keratsini. Keratsini Municipality.

1993 Painting. Maria Papadopoulou Art Gallery, Athens.

1995 Appositions-Juxtapositions. Citibank, Athens (Organized by Vicky Dracos Contemporary Art).

1995 Tribute to El Greco. National Gallery, Athens.

1995 Florina Museum of Modern Art.

1995 The Apocalypse of Saint John the Apostle. Modern Visual Arts Approaches. Patmos Elementary School and Aenaon

International Art Centre, Athens (Exhibition organized by Aenaon).

1996 Art Logos by Women V. Aenaon Art Gallery, Neo Psychico, Athens.

1997 Bacchanalia. Paratiritis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki / Curator: Athena Schina

(Event under Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe 1997).

1997 Foci of Vision. Larissa Modern Art Centre / Curator: Athena Schina. 1997 Lures of Vision. Atrion Gallery, Thessaloniki / Curator: Athena Schina.

1997 Artists Presenting Small Size Works. Creonides Art Gallery, Athens.

1998 Foci of Vision. Western European Union, Brussels / Curator: Athena Schina.

(Under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Greek Ministry of Culture).

1998 Positions and Views of Greek Twentieth Century Painting in the Costas Ioannides Collection.

Corfu Municipal Gallery / Curator: Manolis Vlachos.

1999 Group Exhibition by Collaborating Painters. Gallery F, Karditsa.

1999 The Olive Tree: Past and Future. P. & M. Cydonieus Foundation, Andros.

1999 Young Representational Painters. Kouvoutsakis Art Gallery, Kifissia.

2002 Group Exhibition by Collaborating Painters. Gallery F, Karditsa.

2003 Natures Mortes. Gallery F, Karditsa.

2003 Inaugural Show at the Art City Michalarias Hall. Malakasa.

2003 Visual Art Ode: Forms, Harmonies, Counterpoints, Rhythms. Eleftheria Municipal Park, Athens / Curator: Athena Schina

2003 The Olympic Spirit and Modern Greek Art. Chania Municipal Gallery and Saint Marc Basilica, Heraclion (Crete).

2003 Group Exhibition by Collaborating Painters. Gallery F, Karditsa.

2003 Group Exhibition by Collaborating Painters. Ecphrase Gianna Grammatopoulou, Glyphada.

2003 Group Exhibition by Collaborating Painters. Adam Galleries, Athens.

2003 Art Goes to School. 4th Lyceum of Peristeri / Curator: Maria Ktistopoulou (Event for the School Library Inauguration).

2004 Olive Tree World. Theophilos Museum, Lesbos and Saint Marc Basilica, Heraclion

(Crete) / Curators: Olga Mentzafou-Polyzou & Athena Schina (Organized by the Vikelaia Public Library).

2004 The Olympic Spirit and Modern Greek Art. Ioannina Municipal Gallery. The Lazarite Convent, Thessaloniki.

Giorgio de Chirico Art Centre, Volos. Municipal Cultural Centre of Athens.

Patras Municipal Gallery / Curator: Peggy Kounenaki.

2004 Agonon Polis (Olympic Games City). The City of Athens Technopolis at Gazi / Curator: Athena Schina (Under the auspices of the Athens Municipality celebrating the 2004 Olympics).

2004 Twentieth Century Sculpture and Painting. Art City Michalarias.

2004 C.K. Art Gallery, Nicosia (Cyprus).

2004 Trigono Art Gallery, Kifissia.

2005 Playing Games. Adam Galleries, Athens.

2005 Mesologgi Today, through the Art. Contemporary Art Gallery Mesologgi, Christos & Sofia Moschandreou.

2005 Trigono Art Gallery, Kifissia.

2005 A Table. Gallery Skoufa, Athens / Curator: Iris Kritikou.

2005 Views of the Sea. Adam Galleries, Athens.

2006 90 Artists for the Human Rights. Eleftheria Municipal Park, Athens.

2006 Once upon a Time… Penelope Delta. Athens College`s Theatre, Psychico.

2006 Views of Flowers. Metamorphosis Art Gallery, Thessaloniki / Curator: Harris Kambouridis.

2006 Contacts. Adam Galleries, Athens.

2006 The Greek Sale. London (Organisation: Bonhams).

2007 Always Opened, always Sleepless, my Soul’s Eyes: Giving an Outline of Dionisios Solomos. Gallery of Modern Art in Aitoloakarnania, Christos & Sofia Moschandreou, Messologgi (2008). Art Center of Athens Municipality, Athens / Curator: Iris Kritikou

2008 Trends of Representative Art & Natural Beauty. Bonicos Gallery, Athens / Curator: Christos Michalopoulos.

2008 Art – Life for the Planet. Goulandri Museum of Natural History – Gaia Center, Kifissia.

2008 Greek Artists for Human Rights. Skoufa Gallery, Athens (Organisation: Human Rights’ Protection Center).

2008 Painters’ Aegina. Historical and Folkloric Museum of Aegina’s Municipality, Aegina. Athens’ Municipality Cultural Centre Melina,

Athens / Curator: Iris Kritikou.

2009 4 Seasons. Martial Museum, Athens (Organisation: Art Expertise).

2009 Greek Art of 19th & 20th Century. The Zappeion Exhibition Hall, Athens (Organisation: Petros Vergos).

2009 Municipal Art Collection of Ermoupolis: Exposition B΄. Cultural Centre of Municipality of Ermoupolis, Syros / Curator: Nicholas Moore.

2009 Papadrielios Art Gallery Opening, Komotini.

2009 The Greek Sale. London (Organisation: Bonhams).

2009 Piraeus’ Neighboorhoods. Olimpiakos Museum, Piraeus (Organisation: Art Prisma).

2009 New Generations-Great Masters. Melina Merkouri Cultural Center of Hydra (Organisation: Mary Alexiou – Athens Art Space).

2009 Among the Pistachio Trees. Markellos Tower, Aegina / Curators: Iris Kritikou – Manolis Peratikos

2010 Art en Capital. Salon des intependants,Grand Palais, Paris.

2010 Aura Arboris. St George Lycabetus Athens. Curator: Dora Iliopoulou Rogan.

2011 Sea rink. The sea scenery in Greeek painting, Metamorfosis Art gallery, Thessaloniki.

2011 Clean Greece. Art center-Eleftherias Park, Atens.

2011 Bread, Wine, Oil. Diexodos Museum-gallery, Messolongi.

2011 Natura. International year of forests, 2011 Evgenidis foundation.

2012 Adam Gallery Athens.

2012 Gallery ARGO.

2012 30 years celebration. Gallery Skoufa, Athens.

2017 ART ATHINA 2017, gallery ART PRISMA, Sports Venue P.Faliro (Taekwon Do Stadium)